Gloomy Grey vs. Brighter Light

I have to admit…I am definitely suffering from a bad case of the winter blues! I have become so consumed with this gloomy grey cold and it’s really been taking a toll on me! But thanks to Pinterest I have found a way to mentally cope and start to focus on lifting spirits instead tumbling down the dark hole! I have found some really great ideas about ways to tell the hubbin he’s amazing, lift up my kids’ spirits as well as things to focus on for myself. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration thoughts and ideas- My boards are here Thoughts and here My Faith

First and foremost- keeping the kids happy! I found a few different pins for this:

10 Compliments for Your Kids

25 Rules for Moms with Boys

How to Raise a Child While Disciplining Less (also in a previous post)

For the Hubbin’:

6 Ways to Build Up Our Husbands

For me:

10 Ways to be a Better mom (because like most moms I always want to be a good mom!)

While looking at these ideas it inspires me to also look further inward and be a brighter light and my own bright light which in the gloomy grey is necessary!



I have been enjoying every new craft and recipe that I have embarked on! From jet packs to at home spa treatments. It has been so fun! There are a few other crafts and in home projects that I’m starting and I can’t wait to blog about them! Spending time on Pinterest has really motivated me to get so many things done in our house and take on new ideas/tools for our everyday lives which has been very rewarding. I have seen so many changes in the boys and myself and the hubbin as well. I have taken on a more healthy and natural approach which has changed how I have felt mentally and physically. Exercises and all natural remedies have made me feel amazing thusly allowing me to spread that feeling to all my guys. Happy mom/wife, happy life!

Stay tuned for more updates and what’s to come… the projects I am starting are stepping it up a notch!

Ready for jet fuel!!

I’m always looking for fun craft projects that are for the boys. They like to watch me create something from a picture and it’s even better when the end result is something for them!

Easton has been on this “let’s jump off of everything and fly” idea for the last week or so. I thought about going the usual cape route…but that’s not really Eastons style. He’s much more flashy and technical about everything so of course when I came across this: DIY Kids Jet Pack I was ALL OVER it! I showed the picture to Easton and he couldn’t believe it was something we could make … that made it that much more of a great idea!

Jet packWe had most of what we needed already- I decided to use one of Raydens old back packs (that was falling  apart) for the straps and we had our old computer box for the cardboard backing. We had just finished with two 2 liter pop bottles so we had those… the only things we needed was the felt and spray paint! Easy!

We bought the items from Walmart ($6 total!) and the next day went to work spray painting and cutting. We chose a darker, more metallic gray because Easton felt that was much cooler than what the kid in the picture had! It was really fun to see it all come together! We decided to add some yellow to our flames for more effect and since the straps from the back pack were black (and we had black spray paint from a previous project) we painted the cardboard to make it look “more real” according to Easton. While assembling it we realized that we had plenty of felt and

Both Jet Packsspray paint left over… is well as these miniature plastic bottles…why not make a jet pack for his favorite pal a large dinosaur! I mean let’s be honest-if you’re going to fly around the room why not bring your favorite pal (King of the Dinosaurs a.k.a KOD) with you! So now he is running around all over the place jumping off of everything with KOD and having so much fun! It was a great project for us and it’s even better to see his fact light up from something that cost us $6 and makes him use his imagination!




Head Gear!

General feeling: Headbands are terrible! I’m sure others will agree that finding a headband that doesn’t squeeze your head or constantly need to be adjusted back into place or require 76 hair pins to keep it in place is pretty much impossible!

So while cruising and perusing Pinterest I came across two different “comfy” DIY headbands: Criss Cross Headband and Braided Headband. Naturally I wanted to try them out because I love the look of a head band but I have yet to find one that actually works! Let me just say: this project took me less than 20 min! As instructed I tried to find a stretchy comfortable fabric…low and behold I remembered I was getting rid of some old dark heather grey yoga pants that are now too big! If that fabric isn’t stretchy and comfy I don’t know what is! So I started cutting, then braiding and gluing (that little piece of fabric to make the ends look finished )… and BOOM!! HeadbandsTwo new CUTE and COMFY headbands! I’ve had mine on for a couple of hours each while running around the house doing my usual thing, playing with my boys etc and they are great! My favorite part about the non-braided one is it’s versatile! You can tie it towards the back, criss-cross it, tie it towards the front and tuck in the ends…CUTE!!!

Now… to find other colors and prints!!

Clean up: Mind, Body and Soul!

While on my trek to start only using natural home made products for my skin and hair I’ve decided to pick a cleanse (details are being withheld until after cleanse because everyone always has their opinion!) and start it Sunday! I feel like I’m ready to clean out my body completely and start fresh eating better and taking better care of myself! I’ve also stumbled upon a few really good exercise plans I’m breaking in lately and going full speed starting next week! Now- don’t worry, I know not to hit the exercising super hard while on a cleanse so luckily some of the exercise plans are for strength vs. cardio so I can still keep up with them! I’m mostly focusing on my abs and core because of having babies and I’m hoping to keep (only tone) all the junk in my trunk and just slim my waist so ones I’ve seen and loved thus far are these:

300 Abs

Ab Workout

Abs Abs Abs

Work Your Core

Plus my bestie emailed me an exercise plan she does that I’m really excited about:

30 jumping jacks

10 squats

10 side lunges

50 butt kicks

20 crunches

20 glute kickbacks 

10 kneeling push ups 

5 triceps dips

20 sec plank 

She says to do it 3 times, every other day! I will probably work my abs on the off day from this workout! I can’t wait to do my cleanse, then start working on my body and eating!

Detox baby! I’ll be sure to let you know which cleanse I pick and how it worked- stay tuned!

What kind of “child” are you?

Before we had our kids I had always thought that when it came to raising kids you just raised them all the same. Consistent parenting across the board. Now that’s true when it comes to consequences and rules and all that kind of stuff but when it comes to situations and circumstances you can not always do that because let’s be real here: they are going to be very different! They are going to react very differently and thusly the approach doesn’t need to be changed as much as slightly modified to penetrate their individual minds. I have been finding this out along the way of course, mainly because of the huge age gaps between my boys as well as how insanely different they are emotionally, but I finally found something that clearly and accurately spelled it out for me! The cute pictures didn’t hurt either…

I found this pin: The Child Whisperer and reading it I pretty much immediately could figure out which child fit which description and thusly assess how I parent them now and even how I can parent them more effectively! It’s almost like I knew it… but I didn’t know it.

Take a look at the chart and then look at what I’ve determined…those who know us can probably agree!

Rayden: Classic Sensitive Child like to the bone!!
Easton: Totally the Determined Child-through and through!!
Jax: Of course the jury is still out on that one…but I’m going for the hybrid-Funloving, Sensitive and Determined Child!
Me: The Serious Child…was there any question?!
John: The Sensitive Child of course!

Needless to say- I loved seeing this and actually it really helped with looking at how I even approach the boys. Not only that but I’ve taken it a step further and started to look at others in my life and which “child” they are and how to interact with them! Yay!!

Pretty Painted Jars!

As I spend time in my house full of boys and testosterone I look around and realize I don’t have many feminine things out! I have all that guy stuff and toys and what not… but I need a little but of lady up in this place! I originally saw this on Pinterest and knew it was right up my alley! I already have a ton of mason jars and I like to make things a little more personal and quite honestly I never find exactly what I’m looking for and never quite feel accomplished! After talking with the hubbin’ (he helps me decide my final thought because otherwise my ideas are all over the place!) I determine I wanted to paint one jar with a written word on it and one jar without. I started getting my supplies ready and determined what colors I wanted and what I wanted to write in the puff paint. I wrote the word family because that’s important in our house. I also decided I would spray paint my jars because it would be easier!

Pre All

I laid out my painting sheet and went to work! It took NO time at all to complete this! I started out slowly only applying a light coat each time because I didn’t want the paint to run and drip. Each jar only took 4 full coats and dried incredibly fast! This is again a project that was completed during a nap time!



 These turned out amazing! I loved the colors I picked out and they will go so nicely in the rooms! The purple jar was a regular Mason jar and I think it will go in my dining room with bright yellow flowers and the green jar actually was an old Ragu jar that now sits on our mantle with pretty GIRLY flowers in it!

Splashes of color with a Bre twist!