Alive vs. Living

It seems to be very difficult to maintain momentum. Starting something is one thing… but keeping it going is quite another. I find that I struggle to stay interested. Why is that? I have all of these things going on ant all times but nothing ever seems exciting. At some point it just feels like the world is happening and I’m just along for the ride… just existing.

The real question is- how to keep it interesting? More often than not as a mom (working inside or outside of the home) we tend to allow our lives to revolve around everyone else. The kids establish a social life, the husband has his own schedule…what about us? It’s not even just mothers, many women tend to lose their true motivation. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this feeling. So I ask you:

What do you do to feel alive?


V-Day Treats!

I remember Valentines day at school as a kid…it was that one day where you could let that crush know you LIKE liked them with a more special valentine than everyone else’s…wait…was that just me?

The boys were pretty excited about giving out their class Valentines this year because they had each chosen ones that fit their personalities. Easton chose this one because, “he is always bursting for his friends” and used only V-Day starbursts. Rayden chose this one because, “my peeps are awesome”. We altered Easton to say,  “My heart is bursting because we are friends! Happy Valentines day!” Rayden left his just as is (minus the picture of course) because like himself, it is pretty direct and to the point. Doing them this way was a ton more work but it was really fun watching them get excited and involved with it! Who would have thought that BOYS would get so into Valentines day?!

Oh-and YES they each had a “special” Valentine for a “special” girl!


Working In a Work out!

For the last week now I have been working out. For those that know me- that is a really big deal! What makes it an even bigger deal is the fact that I wake up EARLIER than everyone else to have some time to myself and workout on my own! What worked really well for me is keeping it fun! I tried a few different things, some things I found on Pinterest and some things others have told me about but nothing really stuck. Until I found Wii Zumba Core and Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown!! 51JoYa2lzcL._SL500_AA300_

imagesI do my Zumba three times a week and my yoga twice a week and it’s great! Zumba is fast paced and exciting! Plus no one is around to watch me so no matter how much of a HOT MESS I look like, I only feel HOT! The yoga started working it’s magic right away-I was VERY sore the next few days but it felt so good to know I was getting some activity and


exercise.  For those who have tried any videos by Jillian Michaels you know she is hardcore…her yoga is no different! I have also started keeping track of what I eat. I don’t necessarily count my calories as much as log everything I eat so I can know what my vices and downfalls are. A really helpful app was recommended to me that works really well. It’s called My Fitness Pal.
It keeps track of the calories, water intake as well as various types of exercise. What works out really well is when you’re looking up the foods you are eating you can search by restaurant, brand or food type which is helpful because all of the food in the set up catalog already has the calories so you don’t have to track them down. I like to use it to keep track the calories going in and the calories being burned. I’m a checks and balances type of person. Using this method keeps me honest and holds me accountable (to myself) because I know every time I eat something I will have to enter it and watch my daily calories diminish. At the end of each day I like to look back on what I’ve eaten as well as how many calories I have left in my allotted daily amount.

I’m loving it!

Super Bowl Super Snacks!

Superbowl…food and commercials! Oh wait what? There’s a football game on?? I love eating tasty snacks during the Superbowl! It’s kind of a tradition for our family…to see just home many new and REALLY good snacks we can make! This year was no different, we made sure to have an assortment of foods to nibble (gorge ourselves) on. Thank you Pinterest!

For startes we had four different types of dips:

Pickle Wrap Dip


Buffalo Chicken Dip


5 Minute Salsa


Bacon Double Cheese Burger Dip



TheDouble Bacon CheeseBurger Dip was the newest dip we’ve made and to say it was good is an understatement! I had to alter the recipe a bit upon reading it though. I wanted to make sure it was really cheesy so I added more cream cheese and mozzarella cheese to the mixture as well as added more to the top during the final 7 minutes of baking. I also added more bacon but that’s just because we LOVE bacon in our house! It was SO good!!! As well as very filling. To top off the yummy dips we made a pizza and needed something sweet. I had seen the Apple Pie Sandwiches a few times and couldn’t decide when to make them… well Superbowl Sunday was the day! They were really good! We added some warm maple syrup just because they needed a little bit more sweetness and they were amazing! exps16710_GFKL1178118D23A_WEB

I’m not sure how the game went but the commercials were pretty good, Beyonce’s performance was great (despite the hideous faces she made while performing!) and our food was was AMZING!!! I highly recommend everything!

The Old Shampoo…

Welp… I previously published a post about using a home made shampoo and conditioner that was all natural and amazing. Well I had to stop using it. Not because it was bad but because due to medical reasons and a bad diet my hair is falling out at a rapid rate. Thusly I have had to start taking vitamins and using a special shampoo/conditioner… I’m so sad about it because I loved how well my new poo was working.

I guess it’s back to the chemicals for me.. For those keeping it real with the no chemicals and home made goodness- right on ladies!! Keep me posted!