Out with the old…in with the fabulous!

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years and I had yet to find any kind of window treatment that I really liked AND could afford! For the longest time we had


those really ugly, plastic, cheap blinds. That is until a friend of mine made her own roman shades and told me how easy it was! Low and behold every easy and step by step direction could be found on Pinterest! Once I read through the instructions and saw how easy it was I was hooked! DSC03304The idea of having exactly what I want for a fraction of the cost was great! After the hunt for the right fabric (shower curtain from Target!) was complete I started gathering my supplies! I found everything I needed at Walmart!  Fabric glue, heat n bond…everything else I already had! I was worried that it would take awhile to do them…or at least that’s the excuse I gave myself trying to get out of the task…needless to say it took me roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to complete all three of them! DSC03299Aside from drying over night-this project was completed during a nap time! The first one took a bit longer because it was the first attempt…but the next two were a snap! I prepped my blinds, cut and bonded the curtains, glued it all together (using heavy books to help them dry) and voila-roman shades! DSC03311After putting them up and seeing that something so fabulous could be so easy and inexpensive on top of being exactly what I wanted was astounding! We have MANY windows in our house so I can’t wait to find just the right fabric for each room and embark on this project over and over again!DSC03310


Chalkboard Walls!

I had heard about this chalkboard paint awhile ago and thought how fun it would be for the boys to have walls they could actually write on! Then as always time went on and I forgot about it it…but the boys hadn’t! So we went to good ‘ol Home Depot to find our paint and supplies.This was on a Sunday afternoon, and I intended to start painting that night

DSC03280Rayden Before...and probably finish the next day… that was until the boys wanted to help out! Their help sped up the process quite a bit! We finished their walls (taping and all) in 4 hours! First we did Rayden’s wall…that turned out really well for him because he is a list maker…and he loves math and doodling so now he has a large place of his

DSC03275own to do these things over and over! Then we did Easton’s wall. He loves to play Tic Tac Toe, hangman and the dot game…so now he has a BIG place to write and draw and scribble! They have really

DSC03279enjoyed drawing and playing on their walls and it’s a great way to also keep them occupied in their own space! Now we’re looking into getting 3D chalk as well as glow in the dark chalk to take it to a new level!! I’m a little jealous I have to say… I wonder how the hubbin’ would feel about a chalkboard wall in our room…