No mo yellin’ – Day 15

It’s been 15 days since I decided to not yell at the boys anymore. To say it’s been easy would be a lie…but to say it’s been rewarding would be an understatement! I have had to really step back and think about what’s coming out of my mouth which for those who know me is an accomplishment in itself. I’ve listened more and heard more. I understand what they are trying to say more and I can interpret what they aren’t able to say clearly much better. I find myself saying please with every request and I find that I’m much less angry about things. I still get angry there’s no doubt, but having to step back and pause before reacting takes the edge off. Counting to 10 is more helpful than I think people give credit! Most of the time I only have to count to about four…but there have been times where I’ve counted to 11 or even 12!

It’s made a difference in how I parent and in how I communicate with the boys…that makes me feel good!

How about you- will you take on the challenge?



52 Week Money Challenge!

So yesterday I started week one of the 52 Week Money Challenge based on a Pinterest post I saw. It looked simple enough: save a dollar for every corresponding week! I’m always trying to save money here and there…but it can be difficult. I have the usual savings account and for those

SaveMoney-300x372who watched the show 7th Heaven we have a “coffee can” that I put small amounts of cash in every pay day. What’s nice about this technique is it’s structured and it came with a chart to follow (I use it as a check list and keep it in my jar with a pen!) and by the end of the

52Weeks52 weeks I will have saved $1,378.00! That may not sound like much but for a person that has a hard time saving money that’ll be nice! It feels good to save money, like most people we don’t have a ton of income so this will be an easy way to save a little at a time and see the progress! A fellow face booker is doing the challenge with me…it’s always more fun when you have a team mate!!





No mo yellin’- Day 1

Let’s start by saying that I grew up in house with a lot of yelling and I always told myself that I never wanted to be that way. Like many others I thought I was this perfect parent…until I had kids! The boys aren’t bad by any means…but they can be a challenge! Especially all at once. I realized I have become a yeller, mainly because I need to be heard above the “bustle” that is our house…but also because I lose my temper rather fast it seems.

I came across a blog called 10 Things I learned When I Stopped Yelling at my Kids that a friend posted on FB…and it really got me thinking about how I parent my boys. I don’t want to be a the mom that yells. As I read the blog I realized what I might be not hearing while I’m trying to be heard. Not to mention I might not feel like life is happening to me instead of me enjoying it. I can be heard without talking above them and I’m determined to do it. When I decided to take on this challenge I realized it wasn’t something I could just…do. I gave myself a date I was going to start and I needed time to rethink various approaches. Well today is the day I decided to start. It’s funny that it’s April fools day…I told the hubbin’ that maybe I was the fool for thinking I could do it!

But for my boys, my family and myself- nothing is too big of a challenge. Granted it’s only been the first day and amazingly,it’s not been as much of a struggle as I had anticipated.I found out I could control my tone, my actions and the volume of my voice. In doing so I also realized that not everything is necessary to be angry about. I truly am thinking that it’s about choosing the battles…even the little ones.Here’s moving forward- day 1 is done and I look hopeful and prayerful towards the rest of the days…who knows-maybe I’ll kick this bad habit for good!