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This is actually pretty funny since in general, I don’t really like birds! But we have a great little back corner in our yard that was screaming for a bird bath so I figured why not! I had seen a really cute bird bath idea on Pinterest and thought I would make that “someday”…well this past weekend and today was that day! I had to tweak a few things to make it more to my liking because the pinner made albeit really cute, was just too fru-fru and dainty for my taste.


I wanted something a bit more rustic and low key so the flowers would pop more than the┬ábath itself.┬áPicking just the right color (as always) is hard for me because in my head I always have a specific thought in mind…and it’s always hard to achieve for

DSC03524some reason! Luckily this wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. Plus I was able to find the color I wanted at Walmart for much less expensive than a hardware store. Once I found the color I found some really great water proof sealant as well and went to work. I was able to paint it all and get it sealed in about 45 minutes! I wanted mine to be more uniform so I bought all clay pots but a PLASTIC saucer for the bath itself. The clay saucer would have been too heavy for the fixture (that’s probably why the original pinner used the glass bowl). Plus we needed to drill a hole in the saucer for it to fit on the bar (for stability) and the clay saucer would have just cracked. With everything spray painted and sealed the hubbin’ and I went to work assembling it! This project was so easy I couldn’t believe it! We finished putting it together last weekend but still needed to buy the flowers which we did today. My oldest and I chose purple, pink and white Impatiens because they are easy to plant. We planted them, watered them, filled the bath and here it is!!


We also hung up a humming bird feeder in the tree that stands right by the bird bath so bring on the birds!!


Psh…Biore who?

I have stumbled upon certain pins on Pinterest that have literally made me say, “WOW” repeatedly in awe… this was one of them! I love (LOVE) trying new face masks, mostly because I’ve always had trouble with my skin. I’ve tried pretty much every over the counter facial mask, pore strips or cleanser you can buy and as many of you know they aren’t cheap. Nothing really made a difference and I always felt disappointed as well as frustrated about the amount of money I had just wasted. But this face mask wins the award!

I found it here on Pinterest. It’s incredibly inexpensive and you get plenty for your money. I bought the exact same gelatin needed from Walmart for less than $3 and already had the milk in my fridge, that’s ALL you need! You get 4 packs of gelatin in the box and I found that you don’t even need to use the full amount she says for a full mask! I’m not going to lie- it’s not very attractive to have on your face, but I left mine on for about 25 minutes so it was completely dry and my family was mocking my inability to move my face and speak clearly. When it came time to peel off the mask I wasn’t sure what to expect but it peeled off with ease and every piece I pulled off I saw what had been sitting on my face…I can’t even tell you how much disgusting dirt and how many black heads (after the preliminary face wash!) were removed from my face when I peeled this mask off! I was in shock by how well the mask worked and how SMOOTH my skin was after the mask came off! My face feels like a layer of time/stress has been taken off and I feel 100% clean and refreshed! I highly recommend trying this mask!