Greener Thumb!

Well the garden has been really fun so far! Aside from a watering issue in the beginning (as in I was drowning the cucumbers!) I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy gardening as much as I am but let me tell you, it’s been amazing to put in so much work and really see the results! We have many large cucumbers and tomatoes, the herbs are really flourishing and since we decided to throw some garlic in the mix it’s grown a ton! Our strawberries really haven’t done much more after the initial couple which has been sad but we’ll see how the season goes. I love going out there everyday seeing what’s new and spending time weeding and watering. The boys LOVE seeing things grow and watching it all change! Just in this short time we’ve been able to really see how different everything is. On top of that my love of plants and gardening has expanded past the little boxed garden we have, I have planted so many other things as well! We have planted lilies as well so I’m excited to see how those come in next year! They survived the transplant and are flowering which is amazing! I’ve really been able to learn a lot about flowers and plants and just the general aspect of nature and it’s been really calming in a way. I’ve also been able to spend time with my mother in law who really loves plants and gardening! She lives in an apartment so she doesn’t have a place to plant…well she does now! We have endless planting area that we have created! We are calling it the infirmary because she has brought plants over that we’ve nursed back to health as well as plants she has found to see how well they’d grow!

Incase you have forgotten what our garden looked like before- here are some pictures for comparison…then and now! Not to mention we were planting in winter hats and now you break a sweat just being out there taking out weeds!




We be grillin’!!

So far this summer we have really been putting our grill to use. Last year we didn’t grill nearly enough so we vowed to grill as much as possible this year along with spending more time with family and friends. That’s always a good mixture! What’s been really fun about it is the hubbin’ has really been getting adventurous with what he grills and how he marinates or prepares the food. It’s been super fun watching him get excited about trying something new and even better being able to eat his amazing creations! So far our favorite thing has

DSC03585been the pizzas on the grill! It’s pretty unbelievable how amazing they turned out! A close second has definitely been the asparagus on the grill! The hubbin put olive oil and lemon juice

DSC03594on them before grilling them then with a little bit of sea salt it was like heaven! Also he made ranch burgers with cheese that were so tasty I felt like I couldn’t control how quickly I was eating! The boys basically ate their arms to a nub! Needless to say grilling has been super fun and very filling. I look forward to another half of the summer of more grilling!!