Summer Lovin’

We have been so busy this summer having fun! We’ve been cooking new things, gardening, landscaping, volunteering our time, hanging out with new and old friends…it’s been great!

We have tried so many new recipes form Pinterest I can barely remember them all! We made these cookies just yesterday to eat and bring with while volunteering at our church and they were a hit!! We’ve also made these snacks that are REALLY good, these popsicles (which weren’t that great according to the boys), this cucumber salad which is spicy but really good, these treats for a second time which when brought to a gathering seem to be really liked! I’m sure there’s more but I can’t even remember them all!

As always we’re looking to keep the boys on track by trying new ideas and thoughts. We’ve implemented new things that so far have been very constructive! We scaled our house back quite a bit with the electronics when we realized that the boys had a focus that wasn’t where it needed to be. So now no more cable (Netflix and Amazon Prime only for us!), no more Wii, no more 3DS… instead more focus on God and more focus on family. We started to realize the foundation of our little family needed to be…adjusted. I’m happy to say the outcome has been amazing! We only hope to have this momentum continue!

There has been many more smiles and memories made this summer and it has felt really good! Onward!!!