Been busy Pinteresting!

It has been a super long time since I’ve posted a blog! I can’t even begin to say what we’ve been up to but it’s been a whirlwind of growth through spirit, family, friends and fun!

Make no mistake- I’m still on my Pinterest crusade! Many (MANY) of the things we eat, do, make etc comes from Pinterest ideas! I had to create a board of all the things we’ve tried/done so I can keep track of the fun! This holiday season has already kicked off with fun ideas from Pinterest! We made blood shot eyes and mini caramel apples. We picked simple ones to add to our usual spooky festivities!

A few other things we’ve made/tried are:

My current fav frozen fresh basil (this is the gift that keeps on giving!!)
Amazing home made roasted tomato soup
Scrumptious Beef Stew
Old school crockpot oatmeal
Yummy pretzel candies
Bite sized pepperoni pizzas
Super soft (and easy!) peanut butter cookies
Stuffed animal band-aids
Secret Tooth fairy receipt

There are SO many other festive things instore for this holiday season! The menu for Thanksgiving has new items and old items with new twists! Christmas because it’s my FAVORITE holiday but also because we start celebrating it the day after Thanksgiving so it’s almost an entire month of making crafts and various yummies!

Here’s to hoping I can stay on top of my posting!

Happy pinning!!