Duplo Table Fun!

Ok so sometimes I have these really random thoughts. One of which happened as I looked at an old dark brown Ikea table we no longer needed. I’m not a big fan of getting rid of things which always gives me ample time to think of ways to transform something. So as I looked at the table, the slow head tilt to the left (what has become a signature reaction to a realization of my next project…a
lightbulb moment if you will) happened: Duplo table. It was the perfect height, it’s the perfect size to fit the green Duplo plate

Unknownand leave enough room for the street to go around for Duplo cars…it’s perfect! Then it came down to construction. Making sure that it can stand up to a 2 yr old was tricky. I decided to use a professional strength tub adhesive in the center of the plate as well as super glue around the edges. After sanding down the top of the table and gluing the plate down I used heavy objects to press it down and keep in place for 24 hours. Needless to say, that plate isn’t moving! Now it was time for the fun part: appearance! I had to consult with our resident art director Easton. His thought was painting the table yellow. I didn’t know this at the time but priming the table was a necessary step! Going from dark brown to bright yellow…that’s just painting 101! About 5 coats later we had a yellow table ready for the street to be painted on top. I used regular black paint but the fun part is the white lines on the street are actually glow in the dark tape (found at Walmart)! Added fun! The final step was a couple of coats of Polyurethane on the street for longevity and this is what we had!!

10153709_10203439916619625_2079694756819307501_nTo say he loves it is an understatement! Not only has he been playing with it non stop, his father, grandma and brothers love playing on it with him! Score!!!




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