Can’t Wait to Grow Stuff

This past weekend I realized I can’t wait to get gardening! I also realized after so much manual labor I’m not in my 20’s anymore! Last year our garden was about 6ft x 4ft. That was a good start for my first garden. I was able to plant a few key things and really get a feel for gardenindsc03475g and what goes into it.

unnamedDuring the winter we realized that we want to grow much more and add some new items into the mix! As we looked at our space in the yard for our gardening plots we just started digging. We knew it was going to be in same spot just MUCH bigger. Plus we are building our own compost bin as well. We also had to build the new box, put our existing compost (which is basically various peels/rinds, egg shells and coffee grounds) in the dirt, sprinkle the epsom salt in, till it and rake it. We were lucky enough to get a beautiful Saturday this past weekend and it was on! So this year our new garden is 8ft x 10ft, 5 in ground herb pots (this is something new we are trying so weeding the herbs is easier) and a second box (which is our box from last year) for smaller items as well as Easton’s garden since he’s been bit by the bug as well!

unnamed-1After we finished all of that I realize I don’t like the look of the exterior dirt and I don’t want to deal with crab grass and weeds growing around the garden boxes so thankfully we had another gorgeous day the next day! We have a lot of red wood chips around our house and I figured hey why not fill in the areas around the boxes and garden to make it look nice!

unnamed-3Now I just can’t wait to get things in and growing so we can start having fresh fruits and veggies plus all of the fun that comes with canning everything for later!




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