But First … Coffee!

Projects are so fun-especially when I am making one that’s for the house! 🙂

I was taking this SURVEY the other day about signs you know you’re addicted to coffee…and #13 hit a little bit too close to home! I saw this PIN on Pinterest and thought how fun it would be to have something cute like that to hang the coffee mugs on…plus it would free up some space in our cabinet! I saw the picture on the pin and wanted to do something more “coffee house-ish” like when you’re looking at it you feel like you’re on the show FRIENDS, drinking and chatting with Monica or Chandler!

I set out on my mission to find just the right pieces: board color, hooks, letters, statement, which verse to include but most of all just the right decals to use. It took me maybe a mili-second to envision what I wanted…it took about two weeks to find the right decals! As always Amazon came through for me with THESE! The board paint and hooks came from my HomeawayfromHome Depot and the letters I found at Michaels. Those were tricky too because I really wanted to find something fun and chunky but still clean and clear. Once I had gathered all of my materials the project itself took about 30 min. The saying I chose for the top was going to be “but first…coffee” but I then wanted to shorten it for fun to just “but first…” Then it came down to just the right verse. For me, when I’m enjoying my special time alone with my coffee…I’m just starting out my day at about 5 am. What better way to start the day than with Psalms 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” That way everyday I look at it to get my mug I can think ‘appreciate and rejoice because no matter what, it is the day the Lord made’! So here’s the finished project, with and without mugs! It holds 6 mugs total (one was in use during the photo) and now the mission is to find fun and colorfully patterned mugs to use…




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