Chore Charts-Check!

Keeping track of the boys chores is tough for me for some reason. They don’t always remember (in fact they rarely ever remember) and I can’t seem to stay on top of it either. While on Pinterest I saw THIS idea! Now let me be honest-I didn’t want ours to be that difficult to make. I just waunnamed-1nted something simple, easy to see and most of all fun (in hopes it’ll be easier for us all to remember). SO I started my hunt for what I needed!

Thanks to the Memorial Day sales at the thrift stores I was able to fiunnamednd
a couple of old serving trays for very inexpensive ($1 for the set). They were pretty beaten up but they were EXACTLY the style and shape I was looking for. I set to work spray painting them different colors. That part was easy…the tricky part was how to make the chore pieces themselves more appealing to the eye. I prefer using pictures. That way instead of having to read the chore you can see the fun picture! I found all of my pictures online just doing image searches. After finding the pictures I wanted to make them durabunnamed-3le and “chunky” since they were going to be moved around a lot and I also wanted them to last. Each picture is easy to see and some what cartoonish for funsies. There’s vacuuming, dusting, items in the bathroom etc. I found the magnets in the craft aisle at Walmart for about $2. I cut out the pictures, laminated them, then glued them to a thick cardboard foam.
After they were dry and cut out, I glued on the magnets. I drew the boys names at the top of the trays, drew a line in the center (when the chores are completed the object is moved to the bottom half) and voila- colorful, fun, magnetic chore charts! The whole project took about 3 hours including dry time!unnamed-2


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