Be the Change…

It’s not the substance, media or the weapon that we need to focus on…it’s the people!

Lately it seems like all that is talked about is legalization of one thing or another. Banning one thing or another. Many arguments start over whether or not a law should be passed to allow people to do this or that. But what I wonder is why don’t we focus more on the people and the current state of our society? Everyday we hear/read about shootings, stabbings and people driving their cars into crowds. It’s become painfully obvious that anything in the hands of a person with harmful intent can be used as a weapon…so why this sole focus on guns? The same goes for drugs-no matter how many drugs are banned or illegal it’s the people using them that are the problem. Any drug can be abused yet we hand out prescription drugs like candy and focus so much time and energy and marijuana. Alcohol is legal and look at how that’s working out? The drink isn’t the problem-it’s the person drinking it and whether or not they are choosing to be responsible.

At what point do we realize that nothing changes until people do? Politicians are human as well, so why are we so shocked/angry when they fail and make mistakes or false promises? We all do it, why wouldn’t they? We look to those people for leadership and for the answers…but what are we doing on the front lines of society? Are we helping or hurting? We all spend so much time commenting on one thing or attacking something else. Do we spend as much time doing what we can to stop these things? We talk the talk but are we walking the walk? Parents allow their children to play violent games or watch violent shows, why are we shocked that our children are completely clueless on what life means or what it means when life is taken away? It’s on our tv/movie screens, in our books, in our video games, in our schools and in social media. We think it’s ok to pry into the lives of others and then judge them for what they are doing, but get angry when someone disagrees with what we may think or say.

I often wonder…if we all stopped and thought about what we do or say what changes would occur. We teach our children at a young age to stop and think but somehow that lesson is lost on the way to adult hood. People often criticize me for not speaking more on current issues or for not caring more about bills being passed etc…why should I when I have my hands full with what’s right in front of me? It’s my children that will go out in to this world and have an impact. I understand the big picture thought but when our world is this way we have to start small.

Sometimes it’s about doing what you can to contribute, even the little steps count.


No more boredom!

I’m sure many parents can agree with me when I say how frustrating it is to have your kids complain about being bored…especially when they say it to you and you’re busy with 76 things wishing you could stop to catch your breath!

Now thanks to my trusted buddy Pinterest I don’t have to get mad or go through my long drawn out speech, I only need to point to this!


A comment was made from a friend that there should be an ‘S’ for scrubbing toilets! Good idea!

Can’t Wait for Summer Fun!

My goal every summer is to try new things and get out as much as we can because summer is SO short!!! This summer I want to try to incorporate these ideas. It feels like scheduled fun…but in reality it’ll keep me thinking of new things to fit into these ideas week after week! Summer I can’t wait for you to get here!!! 3ac8e9a63e49741b0589da004248314f

The ABC’s to Live By

As I try to change and evolve as a mother and wife I try to increase my interaction/involvement with the boys (our oldest could use less involvement but to me that means triple his!). I saw this on Facebook and immediately wanted to print it off and post it everywhere I could see it! Each one of the letters are so extremely important!

iMOM ABCs Tool-hhgregg

Prayer Stairs!

I had searched a long time for a good prayer to put up in our house. But I couldn’t find just the right prayer and I couldn’t figure out where I’d put the prayer if I found it. I wanted it to be somewhere we could always see it and I wanted it to be a meaningful prayer for us all. Then while I was on my favorite place to get ideas (Pinterest duh!) I saw it…the answer to my search: the Stairs Prayer! Not only was the prayer perfect but it’s an Irish blessing which of course fits for our Irish family! It’s big and bold so you see it easily and it’s fun to say it as you’re going up the stairs!



Putting it on the stairs was easier than I thought (our youngest made every attempt to distract me by climbing on me) so I was thankful for that. Next I want to sand down and stain/paint the stairs just like in the Pinterest picture!

I love projects!

Fireplace Facelift!

When we bought our house there were a couple of things that I really (REALLY) wanted to change. Our fire place was almost at the top of my list! Here’s why:


See? It looks like a tile shop got confused and just started assembling on my fireplace! For no reason at all I was sitting in our living room looking at it thinking “what can I do about this on a VERY strict budget?” Then I hopped on Google (aka Skynet) to look for info. After a short amount of research I realized this is an easy project with great results (in my world that’s a lot of excitement!) Once I realized I had everything I needed to complete this I went to work (literally right then I started on it…it was about 6 pm on a week night!). During

I started with the primer. I used two coats just to be SURE that brown tile was never seen again.  You’ll notice no drop cloths and I didn’t even take the things off of the mantle…that’s how spur of the moment it was! I let the primer dry completely. I waited until the next morning to put on the paint. I wanted something neutral and “clean”. The old fireplace color was a distraction and it’s right in the center of the main wall in the living room. I also wanted to “spruce” it up a little bit so with the ideas from our middle son and the hubbin’ this is what I came up with:


We have white trim all through out our house. I really like the white trim because it looks clean and gives nice detail so I created the illusion of trim (hubbin’ and middle sons idea) on the fireplace.

To say it changes the feel of our living room is an understatement! Making this change has completely motivated me to upgrade other things in the house while staying on that very strict budget!